Technology for everything, even coffee!

The client

We are the client for this project! We have created this solution specifically for the 2014 edition of Tecnargilla, the International Exhibition of Technologies for the Ceramic Industry.

The challenge

In any self-respecting stand, an element of attraction cannot be missing. We wanted to create something that, in addition to intriguing visitors to the fair and encouraging them to come and visit us, also best expressed our company mission: to create customized projects with a high level of automation and efficiency. We therefore designed, and in this, we have been the pioneers, a bartender robot.

The solution

What did our bartender robot do? He definitely took coffee orders, obviously not using his voice but with a touchscreen that allowed visitors to choose the amount of sugar, the length of the coffee and the mixture.

In the latter case, the visitor was really spoiled for choice: four buttons for four different aromas! Then our robot got to work behind the counter: with his smart camera he selected the desired mixture from a small warehouse, then took it with a suction cup and inserted it into the coffee machine. Through a multi-function tool equipped with pliers, the robot correctly positioned the glass and with a touch pen selected the required coffee length. Once dispensed, the robot served the customer the coffee not before having dosed the sugar, pouring it with a distributor and delivering the spoon to mix it.

Results and development

While not at all resembling the bartender prototype that everyone has in mind, the robot was a great success! More than 1000 coffees served and many curious visitors just to see it at work.

Above all, many potential customers interested in the possible use of this robotic application for the handling and management of their products. Some of them finally turned from a potential customer into a real customer!

Would you like a coffee? Come visit. Our bartender robot will be happy to prepare one for you while you chat about automation with us.

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