From our experience in the ceramic sector, a transversal know-how

The experience and knowledge acquired in the ceramic sector made SIMEC to become a partner of excellence in the design and construction of automation systems for other industries: marble and bricks, glass, wood, automotive, castor, articles for didactic and artistic purposes, packaging.

The development of innovative prototypes is our strength. In continuous evolution in the implementation of technologies able to satisfy the specific needs of the product, we excel in finding concrete and effective solutions to the critical issues of our customers’ production plants.

Make your products stand out

The intervention of SIMEC is transversal: based on the sector of reference, we intervene on production, glazing, treatment, decoration, handling and storage of materials.

We take care in particular of automating end-of-line processes, intervening in all those sectors that require high control and precision in the conveying, handling, selecting, positioning, packaging and palletizing of the finished or semi-finished product.

We stand out for our ability to efficiently and automatically manage the format change, the combined integration of different processes, and to optimize the processes themselves, adopting strategies and solutions that often represent technological advances for the reference sector.

An example? The very large format slab over turner for decorating the two sides, designed to increase flexibility and process monitoring, while solving the management problems of common over turners.

Finally, we design and build entire automation systems from scratch, studying new solutions to automate processes previously managed manually.

Target industrial sectors:


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