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We design and manufacture machines and systems for the conveying and handling of virtually any type of material, from the smallest sizes to the largest ones. Our solutions can be successfully integrated at any stage of the industrial plant production process.

From roller conveyors with different functions and accessories to modular curves, from compensators to turners, to machines engineered to specific project requirements, SIMEC improves and optimizes any type of conveying and handling operation: loading and unloading, connecting, positioning, aligning, discarding and picking within any production line.

Tables and platforms for managing materials of different formats are among the handling products on which SIMEC is investing more in terms of research and development of prototypes.

Our conveying and handling solutions:

Overturning tables

They are designed to turn very large slabs upside down during the processing and decoration of the two faces. The advantages compared to standard overturners are considerable, since SIMEC solutions do not require any excavation in the underlying soil. In fact, dedicated vertical handling devices that lift and lower the tipper during the rotation, favour the monitoring of the slab and, at the same time, the flexibility of the machinery. The latter adapts to the needs of the production line in a practical, efficient and less wasteful way for the customer.

Rotating tables

Ideal for small, large and very large formats, SIMEC rotating tables can rotate 90 ° or 180 °. Rollers convey the pieces and, as soon as a sensor detects their presence, supports and table are raised above the level of the rollers, allowing the rotation unit to easily rotate the pieces. Once the operation is completed, the supports and the table return to their original position below the level of the conveying rollers.

Roller conveyors

SIMEC designs and manufactures squaring roller conveyors for the handling of small and large format materials. Our rollers are available in various versions and always custom-made, with technical features adapting to the specific needs of each project. We also offer roller conveyors with rotating table for moving the pieces on the same plane in different ways, roller conveyors with ejector, with centering devices and with compensator. SIMEC product range also includes barriers that can be inserted on the rollers, ideal for squaring and alignment operations in case the slabs have to be subjected to subsequent processing.

Loading/unloading machines

The loading/unloading machines are designed and manufactured for the automatic handling and storage of materials inside containers or on platforms.

The most suitable applications for large formats are grippers with suction plates for lifting and moving pieces of different sizes. These systems can be installed on any line (lapping, polishing, kiln exit, etc.).

The advantages of SIMEC conveying and handling solutions

  • Complete customization of solutions
  • Integration into existing systems and installations
  • Ideal management of each format
  • Effective integration at every stage of the plant’s production process
  • Versatility
  • Operational savings
  • Increased productivity

Ideal for:

Ceramic industry
Any material and field

Do you wish to design an innovative system
or a specific plant for your industrial needs?