The perfect mix of technology and creativity

SIMEC designs and manufactures machines for dry application of micronized, atomized, powders, glass-based ceramic glazes, grits and flakes in sizes down to a minimum of 0.03 mm. These solutions are ideal both for standard decoration lines and for special lines; before the pressing machines, they enrich the ceramic mixture; after the pressing machines, they create a full field on the ceramic tile; after digital machines, they produce decorative effects of high consistency and quality.

Our solutions for the application of powders and grits:


Our EXPO machine uses an innovative double belt and motorized sieve system. Fine adjustment of the belts speed and the amount of powder applied ensures a uniform and constant distribution to obtain the desired effect. We are available on request to provide a special kit to get customized graphics that reproduce the grain or effects of natural stone.

Generally used after the digital machine or in combination with it, EXPO increases or finishes the desired graphic effects, raising the quality of the product. The machine is available for different sizes and for large slabs and is compatible with CONTINUA, CONTINUA + and LAMINA type lines.

The advantages of our machines for powders and grits application

  • Customization of solutions
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Wide range of products and accessories available
  • Versatility
  • Operational savings
  • Reduction in material waste
  • Increased productivity

Ideal for:

Ceramic industry

Do you wish to design an innovative system
or a specific plant for your industrial needs?