SIMEC SRL: 30 years of experience and innovation

Experience, innovation and versatility. These are the ingredients that SIMEC SRL puts in its industrial automation machinery and systems, required in Italy and worldwide.
The company has been a reference supplier of technologies for the ceramic sector for 30 years, but it is constantly evolving to devise innovative solutions capable of meeting the high standards of quality and efficiency imposed by the market, in sectors ranging from glass, marble and bricks, automotive and packaging, up to articles for creative activities (chalk, colors and modeling dough).

The experience in the design of customized systems and the strong propensity to research and develop new products aimed at solving specific sector technical problems, have made the company extremely competitive in supplying a wide range of high-tech lines and accessories, designed on customers’ needs. From the most classic glazing lines to the latest robotic applications for the handling and storage of large slabs, the solutions offered by SIMEC SRL are appreciated and recognized for their quality and reliability and therefore widely used in factories of Italian giants of the ceramic district, as well as in many large foreign companies.