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We design and manufacture brushing machines and plants for specific treatments such as polishing, abrasion and anti-stain treatment of ceramic materials (and more) of any size.

SIMEC brushing machines are characterized by a unique treatment system in the sector of large slabs. Flexibility in processing, maintenance reduced to a minimum, remote assistance and interconnection to management systems are the aspects that make them one of the company’s flagship products. Among the first to appear on the market of technologies for the anti-stain treatment of tiles and in continuous technological development to keep pace with the evolution of the ceramic material and format, SIMEC brushing machines have long been used in the factories of many important companies in the Italian ceramic district and by big groups of the sector worldwide.

Our brushing and treatments solutions:

Complete treatment lines

Protective treatments such as those intended for porcelain stoneware, honed or lapped, require special precautions and dedicated solutions from the point of view of the application plant. SIMEC designs and manufactures complete treatment lines or integrated machinery, with variable characteristics based on the surface to be treated. These are always flexible technological solutions, which adapt to the different treatment products and the type of surface to be treated, through the combined use of:

  • Roller application machines for product spreading
  • Brushing machines with different functions
  • Special machinery for the rotation, overturning, squaring and centering of the formats in preparation for lapping, finishing and cutting
  • Applications for the conveying and handling of the material
  • Machines for loading and unloading finished slabs, respectively for finishing and final storage

Brushing machines

Equipped with one or more brushing heads adjustable in height and position, they are designed to handle sizes up to 2000 mm wide and of any thickness. Inserted in series or alternated with other machines at the end of the line, after polishing or lapping they have the function of laying down the treatment product, or, in combination with automatic sorting systems or SIMEC manual sorting desk, they are the most effective solution to the cleaning problem before quality control. The mechanics of the machine guarantees constant brushing pressure until complete brush consumption, fast tool change, resistance to high working pressures, optimal penetration of the treatment in the porosity of the ceramic and homogeneous polishing without defects; an intuitive control panel allows easy setting of brushing parameters.

The advantages of SIMEC brushing and treatments solutions

  • Flexibility
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Teleservice and interconnection to management systems
  • Constant technological development
  • Intuitive interface
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Customization of the solution based on customer requests

Ideal for:

Ceramic industry

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