Technology to boost efficiency

SIMEC engineers and produces a wide range of machines and accessories for complete glazing lines, which include both machines for dry and wet applications. From brushing machines to compensators, from curves to turners, from silk-screen printing machines to a vast range of accessories, we aim to offer complete and integrated solutions that can significantly increase industrial productivity.

Our glazing line solutions:

Machines and accessories

We produce single-disc, multi-disc and special booths for glazing ceramic and brick materials, glaze nebulization systems (PAGODA) that eliminate lumps, drops and scratches, machines for perfect glaze and grits applications, bell applicators for the distribution of viscous ceramic glazes, systems for the application of various ceramic compounds in suspension such as glazes, engobes and crystallines.

All the machines can be equipped with control systems for glaze quantity and density, thus allowing the maintenance and setting of the desired glaze weight even when the level of the glaze changes inside the tank.

The range of SIMEC accessories for glazing lines is very wide: brushes, flow regulators, row and pack formers, engobe applicators, electric fans, blowing booths, airbrushes, fixation guns, pumps for silk-screen glazes, water filters, glaze pumps, vibrating sieves, open-air cabins …

The advantages of SIMEC conveying and handling solutions

  • Customization of solutions
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Wide range of products and accessories available
  • Versatility
  • Operational savings
  • Reduction in waste of materials and resources
  • Increased productivity

Ideal for:

Ceramic industry

Do you wish to design an innovative system
or a specific plant for your industrial needs?