SIMEC is online with a brand-new website

SIMEC is now online with a new institutional website completely rethought in design, structure and content. Through this fundamental digital tool, we want to offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about our corporate identity and our wide range of industrial automation solutions.
Explore our sections! From SIMEC’s ​​mission and vision to the advantages of choosing us as technological partners for your projects, from services to success stories about our innovative systems.
SIMEC is at your disposal for advice or quotes on your project: to get in touch with us, please use the dedicated section.
We wish you a 2020 full of successes.

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Top technologies for the treatment and finishing of large slabs

On the industrial automation scene since 1989, SIMEC celebrates 30 years of international leadership in the supply of technologies for the ceramic sector. The experience gained and the natural vocation for innovation have made the company a reference for the design and construction of customized systems aimed at ensuring process optimization and an immediate return in terms of production performance. Technological partner of important companies in the ceramic industry, SIMEC has always collaborated with its customers to offer solutions that respond adherently to the needs of product processing.

Among the innovations born from this constant search for concrete solutions to ceramic lines problems, the brushing machines stand out, equipped with a unique treatment system in the large slabs sector. Flexibility, maintenance reduced to the minimum terms, remote assistance and interconnection to management systems, are the aspects that make them one of the company’s leading products. Among the first to appear on the market of technologies for stain-resistant treatments and in continuous technological development to keep up with the evolution of the material and ceramic format, the brushing machines have long been used in the factories of the district Italian ceramic and by large industry groups worldwide.
Equipped with one or more brushing heads adjustable in height and position, they are designed to treat formats up to 2000 mm wide and of any thickness. Inserted in series or interspersed with other machinery at the end of the line, after sanding or lapping processes they have the function of applying the treatment product, or, in combination with automatic selection systems or the SIMEC’s manual choice desk, they are the most effective cleaning solution before quality control. The mechanics guarantee constant brushing pressure until complete wear of the brushes, fast tool change, resistance to high working pressures, optimal penetration of the product into the porosity of the ceramic and homogeneous polishing without defects; an intuitive control panel allows easy setting of the brushing parameters.
SIMEC also boasts long experience in the design of transport for large slabs, chosen by the most important brands in the sector. With the advent of maxi formats (up to 1800 x 3600 mm) and thicknesses (up to 30 mm), the company was in fact the first to offer systems and accessories to aid their handling in the product finishing lines ceramic. Upstream and downstream of the brushing machines, roller or belt conveyors and special machinery for rotation, overturning, squaring and centering are tailor-made to best accompany the large and very large formats through lapping, grinding and cutting. Machines dedicated to the loading and unloading of the finished slabs open and close the line, for their insertion in boxes or on vertical perches.
SIMEC also does not fail to invest in research and development of robotic technologies, focusing, where necessary, on the highly performing anthropomorphic arms equipped with mechanical tools for the handling, sorting, packaging and palletizing of the slabs.

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SIMEC SRL: Innovative technologies for ceramic slabs

With the aim of overcoming the limits of traditional technology and solving sector technical problems, SIMEC SRL has been the reference supplier of machines and systems for the ceramic industry since 30 years. Appreciated and recognized for quality, reliability and versatility, the solutions offered by SIMEC SRL are in fact widely used in the factories of Italian giants of the ceramic district, as well as in many large foreign companies.
In addition to providing a wide range of lines and accessories for the glazing and decoration of classic cut tiles, the company is characterized by its strong propensity to design new technologies in step with the technical evolution of the material and the ceramic format, whose apex is represented today by the large slabs of porcelain stoneware, essential solutions for the most advanced ceramic industries.
In this context of research and development of technologies for large formats, SIMEC SRL is one of the first companies able to offer innovative systems for the handling of slabs, studying and creating highly customized end-of-line robotic applications, handling and the storage of large materials both inside and outside the ceramic sector.

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SIMEC SRL: 30 years of experience and innovation

Experience, innovation and versatility. These are the ingredients that SIMEC SRL puts in its industrial automation machinery and systems, required in Italy and worldwide.
The company has been a reference supplier of technologies for the ceramic sector for 30 years, but it is constantly evolving to devise innovative solutions capable of meeting the high standards of quality and efficiency imposed by the market, in sectors ranging from glass, marble and bricks, automotive and packaging, up to articles for creative activities (chalk, colors and modeling dough).

The experience in the design of customized systems and the strong propensity to research and develop new products aimed at solving specific sector technical problems, have made the company extremely competitive in supplying a wide range of high-tech lines and accessories, designed on customers’ needs. From the most classic glazing lines to the latest robotic applications for the handling and storage of large slabs, the solutions offered by SIMEC SRL are appreciated and recognized for their quality and reliability and therefore widely used in factories of Italian giants of the ceramic district, as well as in many large foreign companies.

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