Loading-unloading of multi-format slabs

The client

Our client is specialized in the production and processing of slabs of different sizes. These must be loaded and unloaded in an easy and automated way.

The challenge

Often, the loading and unloading of multi-format slabs (min. 60×120 – max. 1600×3200 cm) and multi-thickness (up to 20 mm), rely on a manual system. This, for obvious reasons, allows operating only on smaller formats. The challenge was therefore to find an effective solution for handling and stacking large formats completely automatically, with the help of software and technological devices necessary to realize the prototype.

The solution

We opted for an ultra-fast transport system with brushless motors, sized for the weight to support (up to 200 kg). We designed a loading/unloading suction hood consisting of a ventilation system and open-cell foam sponge suitable for taking very heavy slabs (> 200 kg) of different sizes. In addition, we developed a dedicated software.

Results and development

The system we developed resulted extremely effective for the automated handling of products of any weight and size. A solution of this type, able to speed up the process and increase safety, can be used in any industrial sector.

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