Kiln emergency stacker

The client

A company producing large ceramic slabs, had to guarantee the constant functioning of the production line even in emergencies caused by the line block downstream of the kiln.

The challenge

The great experience of SIMEC in the ceramic sector allowed solving this problem efficiently.
What happens usually when the line stops due to emergencies, is that the outgoing tiles are diverted to an alternative transport system ending with the fall into a bucket, and therefore with the rejection of some products. In some cases, part of these tiles are retrieved manually to be re-entered on the line once it starts working again. However, in the case of large formats, material waste is considerable due to the dimensions and weight of the items that cannot be recovered by hand.

The solution

We have designed a system which is automatically activated during emergencies of this kind and which allows the tiles to be recovered and stacked, including large ones, to reduce the pieces lost to zero.

Results and development

Our solution allows managing the slabs coming out of the kiln when the line stops, not only in the ceramic field but also virtually in any type of industry that has to face similar emergencies.

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