Can automation and creativity go hand in hand?

The client

The client asked us to design and realize from scratch a high-performing automatic line for producing, packaging and palletizing different types of materials: chalks, playdough and modelling clay

The challenge

To succeed where others before us failed… starting from the raw material to get the final product ready to be sold, by automating the whole process. All of this by optimising the cycle to make it highly productive.

The solution

A completely automatized system able to manage the single processing phases of the different products with custom-designed machines for raw and dry cutting, drying process, selection based on features of the materials, packaging, palletizing and storage.

Results and development

Thanks to this solution, the number of pieces produced far exceeds the expectations: 2 millions of boxes of products every year with the employment of very few people. Besides productivity, the quality of the product increased too, with very few recycled wastes.

What a success! Now the work goes on: we are planning and developing new systems to automate other products’ lines.

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