Automatic production of industrial wheels

The client

The customer needed an automatic solution for the production of industrial wheels, normally produced by manual casting of resin inside specific molds. At the time of our intervention in the project, no automatic alternative had ever been successfully developed.

The challenge

Our challenge was to find an innovative solution: in this case, to design automatic casting system, to optimize the production of industrial wheels.

The solution

We have designed special systems for coding the characteristics of the molds, taking into consideration discriminating factors such as depth, diameter, color, type and quantity of resin.

The system exploits the synergy between the mold and the mobile rotary table able to adapt to its characteristics. Multi-axis robotic tables, fully automatically, center and correctly position the wheel mold for adequate resin casting. The system also includes tools to control the temperature of the molds and washing units, as well as a collection system for the automatic control of the quantity of material rejected and collected.

Results and development

We have created a solution, which represents the first automatic resin casting method for this type of product.

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