Automatic glaze mixing for perfect decoration

The client

Several customers specialized in the decoration of tiles had the need to protect the decorative glaze through a precise and automated system.

The challenge

All ceramic production companies that use digital machines for the decoration of their products need to apply a surface protective layer composed of liquid glazes and grits (the so-called “loaded glaze”). Sometimes, when this operation is performed manually, inaccuracies may occur, mainly due to the density of the glaze. SIMEC’s ​​objective was to design a glaze feeding solution for decorative lines taking into account automatic glaze weighing and mixing.

The solution

We have studied and produced a machine that automatically weighs and mixes the loaded glaze, increasing both the speed and precision of the application. The final product is thus ready for the protective application on the surface of the tiles.

Results and development

Our solution is now an indispensable accessory for all production lines that use digital machines, since it guarantees an efficient and automatic method that can significantly improve the accuracy of the application.

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